Can A Restaurant Be A Spiritual Place? Of Course It Can…
Be Prepared To Enter Not Just A Gourmet Korean Vegetarian Restaurant, But A Sanctuary As Well”

-Spiritual places in and around New York City, By Emily Squires and Len Belzer.

Body And Mind

We wanted to create a total dining experience that brings harmony to the body and mind. The space we envisioned was a space that evokes an experience of all the senses in total harmony. Vegetarian meals, presentation of traditional teas, folk and zen music, decor filled with natural artifacts all complement each other to bring harmony to the body and mind.

At Hangawi we ask that you leave your shoes before embarking onto the dining space, like entering a traditional Korean house. We ask you to escape from the bustle and hustle of your daily life and experience tranquility that brings harmony to the body and mind.