royal green tea from mt.jilee / 지리산 녹차(우전)지리산 $12

(supreme green tea from first picked tea leaves)


korean green tea from mt.jilee / 지리산 녹차(세작) $10

(second picked leaves)


korean green tea from mt.jilee / 지리산 녹차(중작) $6

(third picked leaves)


rose green tea / 장미 녹차 $6


chrysanthemum green tea / 국화 녹차 $6


jasmine green tea / 재스민 녹차 $6


shissandra chinesis / 오미자차 $6

(a popular Korean herbal tea that refreshes and

revitalize the body from fatigue. contains almonds)


date paste tea / 대추차 $6


citron paste tea / 유자차 $6


ginger tea / 생강차 $6


darjeeling tea / 다지링차 $6







with a scoop of soy vanilla almond ice cream add $ 3 or

with a scoop of Korean ice cream add $4


soy cheese cake 두부 치즈 케이크 nf $8


chocolate mocha cake 쵸콜렛 모카 케이크 nf $9


tiramisu 티라미수 gf sf $9

(dates, coconut cream, cashews, walnuts, coffee extract, cinnamon, cacao powder, cacao butter)


vegan dessert platter $16

(featuring any one of our cakes, tiramisu, and soy vanilla almond ice cream)



ice green tea float $7

(sweetened ice green tea with vanilla almond ice cream)


soy ice cream 두부 아이스크림 $8

(vanilla almond or chocolate)


* red beans and ice cream rhapsody $10

(chocolate and vanilla almond soy ice cream with sweetened red beans, multi grains, walnuts and dried dates)


Korean ice cream 흑임자녹차장미생강 gf nf sf $9


Korean ice cream trio 흑임자, 녹차, 장미생강 gf nf sf $13

(black sesame, green tea and rose ginger)


gf – gluten free nf – nut free sf – soy free

(There will be a serving charge of $3 per person for cakes brought in.)


* Hangawi’s signature dessert

Takeout & Delivery